How to save setup on Windows ?

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Hi, I use Klayout on Windows Computer, but more simplicity i want to save diferents setup... But how can i save the setup ?

I have read a topic on a .layviewrc file into the root directory... But i think this file is for Linux and not for Windows use ?

Where is the setup file stored under this "amazing" world of Windows ? :-)




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    Sorry, my version is : 0.20.1 ;-)
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    Hi Remi,

    The .layviewrc file is stored in your home directory (not root). On Windows, that is usually "c:\Users\your_account".

    You can switch setups by providing a path to a specific setup file using the -c option. For example, you can create two shortcuts on your desktop, one using the command line

    "c:\Programm Files\klayout\klayout.exe" -c c:\klayout_setup1 -e "%s"

    and another using the command line

    "c:\Programm Files\klayout\klayout.exe" -c c:\klayout_setup2 -e "%s"

    (Both setup file paths on c: are probably a stupid choice and given as an example only - you should better use "c:\Application Data" or something similar).

    If you select the first shortcut, klayout will use the setup from c:\klayout_setup1, the other shortcut will use the other setup.

    BTW: in the next version, I plan to replace the .layviewrc file and use a folder ($HOME/.klayout) to store more files than just the setup. In that version, the setup file will move to $HOME/.klayout/klayoutrc. The -c option will still be present and behave identical.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Matthias, Thank you for you support ;-)

    Long life to Klayout ;-)

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