Importing arial font

How can I load arial font, so that it can be one of my choices to pick from.


  • You mean for labels? Or for the text PCell?

    For labels: no. For text PCells: if your manage to convert TTF (for example) to a GDS font library.


  • How do you convert ttf to gds font library

  • Maybe you can answer my question first: labels or text PCell? Using TTF fonts for text PCells isn't usual as these fonts aren't design rule clean for sure.

  • I'm guessing text PCell. I have autocad files that my customer is using arial fonts. I would like to be able to convert to gds using klayout and maintain the shape and size of the arial font as gds boundaries.

  • Ok .. so I guess you're turning DXF drawings into GDS for some reason. That's not a mask file then anymore. That will make things difficult.

    Have you tried reading DXF into KLayout? KLayout will try to maintain DXF texts as polygon boundaries. There is some uncertainty as fonts are not exactly reproducible in all systems - they may not even be available. I don't think achieving exact reproduction is easy though - DXF has many flavors of text and formatting is fairly magic for some of the them.


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