How to select the layer of a shape? (tap)

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I recently discovered KLayout and it seems very fast and useful.

I usually find myself in the position of selecting a shape, pressing 'Q' for the Object Properties, then reading the Layer nr. (ex. 33/0) , then going in Layers list, selecting the "33/0" layer, and then I change the color or the stipple in order to view all shapes on that layer.
Is there any shortcut/hotkey to directly select one leyer starting from the selected shape ? In Cadence - virtuoso this function is named: Tap.

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    Hi Adrian,

    that function I did not know myself yet.

    KLayout does not have such a function right now. Since there is no way to set the current layer in the Ruby API, it's also not possible currently to write a script to emulate that function.

    I'll keep that as a useful suggestion though. Is there some standard key binding for that function?

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