How to draw labelled alignment marks?

Hi! I'm new to KLayout and I appreciate if someone can help me with my problem. I want to draw a 100x100 array of alignment marks, separated 150um in both X and Y directions, while each alignment mark is labelled by a polygon number including the row and column number separated by a point, similar to the attached image.

Would you please help me write a script for this purpose?
Thank you


  • Hi Hossein,

    The code below will generate the labels in a new cell called "ALL_LABELS". The size of the text is defined by the "magnification" variable.



    module MyMacro
      include RBA
    # User input ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    layer = RBA::LayerInfo::new(1, 0)
    numberX = 100
    pitchX = 150.0
    numberY = 100
    pitchY = 150
    magnification = 10.0
    orientation = RBA::DTrans::R0
    # select the layout of the current cellview
    main_window =  RBA::Application::instance.main_window
    layoutview = main_window.current_view
    layout = layoutview.active_cellview.layout
    # add a cell (in this case "ALL_LABELS")
    cell_index = layout.add_cell("ALL_LABELS")
    cell = layout.cell(cell_index)
    # find the lib
     lib = RBA::Library.library_by_name("Basic")
     lib || raise("Unknown lib 'Basic'")
    # find the pcell
     pcell_decl = lib.layout.pcell_declaration("TEXT")
     pcell_decl || raise("Unknown PCell 'TEXT'")
    # create TEXT instances
    for i in 1..numberX do
      for j in 1..numberY do
          x = (i-1) * pitchX
          y = (j-1) * pitchY
          text = i.to_s.rjust(3, "0") + "." +  j.to_s.rjust(3, "0")
          # set the parameters
           param = { "text" => text, "layer" => layer, "mag" => magnification }
           # build a param array using the param hash as a source
           pv = pcell_decl.get_parameters.collect do |p|
           param[] || p.default
           # create a PCell variant cell
           pcell_var = layout.add_pcell_variant(lib,, pv)
           # instantiate that cell
           t = RBA::DTrans::new(orientation, x, y)
           cell.insert(RBA::DCellInstArray::new(pcell_var, t))
  • Hi Thomas,

    thanks for the code :-)

    It's still possible however, just to draw manually ... just place a "TEXT" PCell from the "Basic" library, go to the "PCell" tab in the instance properties and enter the layer and text you want to see.


  • Thank you so much Thomas and Matthias. This was exactly what I needed.

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