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I am using Klayout 0.21.11 on windows XP.
I want to add text to my layout that will appear on mask.
Adding text on on or more layers that can be read on the product later.
How do i do that using the klayout?



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    Hi Shirly,

    there is no general rule for adding readable text to a layout. You cannot use text objects, since those provide only labels for certain points, not layout that will print on mask.

    Text layout usually has to conform to technology dependent design rules. That imposes restrictions, for example, it may be possible that your mask making process does not allow non-manhattan geometries. Given that, there is no general receipt for creating text layout.

    A common approach is to create rule-conforming cells, one for each letter or digit, and place those cells, one after each other to form the text. You can prepare such cells in a separate layout for reuse and import that layout into the one you work at in the sense of a library.

    Importing is possible for example by opening that layout in another tab and use copy and paste from the cell list to copy the cells into the working layout.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Shirly,

    I've had to make polygons for each letter and number (A-E,1-5 so far) and they're not particularly pretty. It would be lovely if someone had the entire alphanumeric set they were willing to share?
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    You can download a MATLAB/Octave toolbox for writing/reading GDS II files from
    The function 'gdsii_ptext.m' contains polygons for (almost) all useful
    ASCII characters.

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