Maybe someone can help. I am trying to use qsettings in my python script for klayout.

I tried following to minimal example if it works in principal:

settings = pya.QSettings()
settings.setValue('test_slot', 'ABC')
test = settings.value('test_slot', 'DEF')

Result is "DEF" (default value) so I assume it could not be read in again. Has anyone a hint what I am doing wrong?


  • It prints "ABC" for me ...

    I'm running it as a script from the macro editor on Linux.

    What's your platform, version and how to you run the script?

    Background is: QSettings isn't a plain data container. It is connected to external containers such as the registry. For this it requires a properly configured application object. I assume this is missing in your case.


  • Hi Matthias,

    I tried it on Windows. KLayout version 0.26.4. (qt 5 python 3)

    I tested it on Linux 0.26.3. (qt 5 python 3) now. I confirm it, on Linux it will prints "ABC".

    Maybe a permission conflict on windows? I guess on windows the settings are stored in the registry.

  • I found the reason. I think I cannot write in the SystemScope.

    Following works correctly now.

    import pya
    settings = pya.QSettings(pya.QSettings.UserScope, 'MyTest')
    settings.setValue('test_slot', 'ABC')
    test = settings.value('test_slot', 'DEF')

    Print result is 'ABC'

  • Hi,

    thanks for this update. I guess on Windows QSettings is bound to the registry. So probably you don't have permissions for the system scope.

    Kind regards,


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