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Hello Everyone,

I'm quite new to KLayout so pardon my ignorance. I was able to load a GDSII file successfully but I'm having difficulties in loading it's technology file. The technology file came from a Camelot system & it's an ASCII file (.txt) with a CSV-like data in it. Is there a way to load it in KLayout?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Hi robordo,

    I am not familiar with Camelot so I can't tell much about that format. I assume that it's some kind of layer list but the term "technology file" suggests much more.

    There is no generic way to import a layer table from CSV file. Maybe it's possible to import using a Ruby script, but that depends on the content and format of the file.

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    Thanks for the reply Matthias.
    If this is the case, do you have a sample .lyp file so that I can take a look inside (I'm not sure if I can edit it). I'm also thinking to send you bits of Camelot technology file but I'm not sure where I can send it.

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    Below you find a sample a .lyp file. It's basically XML and in the simplest form it is composed of "..." sections, one per layer.

    The colors are given in HTML notation (#rrggbb). The brightness values can be set to 0 if no brightness adjustment is required. If the dither pattern is one of the standard pattern it can be given in the form "Ix" (I is for "internal") where x is the index in the pattern table. "visible", "transparent" and "marked" are flags and can be "true" or "false". "width" is the line width where "no value" is the default (1 pixel). "name" is the display name of the layer. This is the string shown in the list, not the layer name itself. "source" is the layer identification in the layout plus additional display specifications. The simple form is "layer/datatype" for GDS layers.

    Hopefully that helps.

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    <?xml version="1.0"?>
     .. further sections
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    Thank you very much Matthias. This really helps.

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