Module problems. Klayout

I installed the recent version of klayout.
I am trying to run a script from Klayout GUI
When I try to import numpy module it says: No module named numpy.
I didn't have that problem in the previous version.
Any ideas on how to fix it?

These are the two modules that are causing problem.

import numpy
import configparser


  • Is this the Windows version? 32bit? 64bit?

  • It is linux

  • So next question: standard package (-> KLayout will use the system Python) or did you build it yourself (-> KLayout will use the packages from the Python installation you built against).

  • Hello Matthias,
    sorry for the late answer. I am not sure about the answer to this question because I didn't install the python (it is a shared computer).

    However, I solved the problem by adding the location of the module folder into system path by using:

    import sys

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