How to check the angle with DRC

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Hello to everyone,

I have an object similar to the picture I attached. I want to write a DRC code to check if the angle is less than 70 degrees. But I couldn't write a DRC code to check that this angle is less than 70 degrees. How can I write this code? Thank you!


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    Here is the way I check non-45 degree angles of the GDS layer (15,0) :

    M1 = polygons(15,0)
    M1.with_angle(0 .. 45).output("M1_angle", "Non 45 degree angle Metal1")

    You can probably check it using the command :

    YourLayer.with_angle(0..70).output("non-70deg","check1 : non-70deg layer")
    YourLayer.with_angle(70..90).output("non-70deg","check2 : non-70deg layer")


  • It worked. Thanks for the help.

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