Save Current Cell As works abnormally

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Hi Matthias,

We found that the "Save Current Cell As" function works abnormally, could you please help to confirm that? thanks.

The test procedure:
1. Open a hierarchy database like following


2. Select Cell1 and click mouse right button, and select Save Current Cell As, then save as "Cell1.oas".
The Cell1.oas only contains Cell1.

3. Select Cell2 and then save as "Cell2.oas".
The Cell2.oas contains Cell1 and Cell2.

Repeat the test and the output would be A then A+B then A+B+C...etc...

The version of klayout is 0.21.16

Best Regards,


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    Hi chhung,

    you're right, I can reproduce it.

    What's even worse is that when you use a normal "Save", only the last cell saved with "Save Current Cell As" is saved. That is not intended in fact. Right now I don't even have a good workaround for that. That's embarrassing.

    I'll fix that for the next release.

    Thanks for the hint and best regards,


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    Hi chhung,

    The latest release 0.21.17 fixes that problem.

    Best regards,


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