DRC-select based on number-of-enclosed polygons

I'm writing kLayout DRC-check-rules
Can I select polygons in Layer-A that contains at least 2 polygons of layer-B?


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    Not now. But there is such a feature in the next version, 0.27. I target end of April for the release.

    You can try that now with the beta version from here: https://www.klayout.org/downloads/master/

    The feature is "covering" ("enclosing" was used for the enclosing distance check already):

    l1 = input(1, 0)
    l2 = input(2, 0)
    l1.covering(l2, 2..2).output(10, 0)
    # new "universal DRC"
    l1.drc(covering(l2) == 2).output(11, 0)


  • Hi Matthias,

    Wow, this will be cool!!! It will make it easy to flag overlapping polygons inside a (non-merged) layer itself... Is there an easy way to do the latter right now???



  • Hi,

    No need to answer my question. B)
    Just found out it can be done using the merged(2) method on raw layers.



  • And I just published 0.27 which has this feature :)

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