how to know which files have been loaded into klayout at any given time?

I am getting errors sometimes when opening opening a DEF file using klayout from CLI : klayout .def

The error says that it can not find a certain cell in the LEF file. I have not included any LEF file while loading the DEF file into klayout. However in the same directory there exists a LEF file. Deleting the LEF file then retrying yields the same result, which leads me to think that is a configuration issue rather than the way I call klayout.


  • @nofal It's difficult to open a DEF file from the command line as there are some many configuration options you cannot specify that way.

    It's possible to write a script which opens a file after configuring all the options. Such a script could be triggered from the command line too.

    If you need batch translation of DEF into a different format, I'd suggest the buddy tools (e.g. "strm2gds"). These scripts have tons of options to configure DEF reader options.


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