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When using RBA::Application.instance.read_config, it seems that it takes a restart of klayout for the changed configuration to be used.

I'm just using a very simple script testconfig.rb

and run it with klayout -r testconfig.rb

When a config parameter is changed in test.conf, then I need to run the script twice for the config to be picked up.


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    On my installation it has the desired effect - KLayout is started with the given configuration. I am testing that with the background color - if I prepare a configuration file with a new background color and use your script to load it I get the right color.

    What parameter are you interested in?

    BTW: it may be more convenient to use a custom configuration by using the -c command line option of KLayout. You can combine that with -t (Don't update config file on exit) to disable any modifications of that file.

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    I was using edit-mode. The -t switch is interesting by the way, it is not in the manual unless I overlooked
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    The command-line documentation is somewhat hidden:

    There is also a description of the -t switch.


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