What is STRANS and what is the value of -32768 meaning?


I'm not sure how to interpret STRANS with the value of -32768. I got this value after saving the input oas file to the text file using kLayout. Thanks!

p.s. This is something I googled:
_Contains two bytes of bit flags for Sref, Aref, and text transforrnation. Bit 0 (the leftmost bit) specifies reflection. If bit 0 is set, the element is reflected about the X-axis before angular rotation. For an Aref, the entire array is reflected, with the individual array members rigidly attached. Bit 13 flags absolute magnification. Bit 14 flags absolute angle. Bit 15 (the rightmost bit) and all remaining bits are reserved for future use and must be cleared. If this record is omitted, the element is assumed to have no reflection, non-absolute magnification, and non- absolute angle. _


  • I just figured it out that STRANS -32768 means 1000 0000 0000 0000, this indicates flip about X axis.

  • Yes, that's correct :)

    The prehistoric GDS specification calls the leftmost (highest) bit "0". This corresponds to 0x8000 which in signed 16 bit int is -32768. Another lack of consistency in the GDS spec as most 16 bit values are meant to be unsigned there.


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