Compute area tool(s)

It seems that if an instance is scaled via its properties dialog, the scaling factor does not get correctly accounted for in the area calculation tool(s). A simple example is creating a 10x10 box and making it into a cell, 'test', the computed layer area function returns 100. If the cell 'test' is then scaled by 2 in the properties dialog, when the layer area is checked, it still comes back as 100. This is also true if one descends into the scaled cell 'test', selects the box and computes the area of the selected shapes, it will still come back as 100. It only correctly calculates it if the cell is flattened. Is this the only way to correctly calculate the area of instances which are scaled?


  • @mdgingerich Thanks for reporting this observation.

    But what "area calculation tool" are you referring to? There is no such feature in the standard feature set.



  • Oops, my mistake. After double-checking, these are actually two macros (which add two entries to my tools menu) that I've had for quite some time now, but I can't remember where I got them. I can't find them in the package manager, so I'm not sure. My apologies for any confusion.

  • In case it is of any interest, it was from the Red Toolbox collection of macros which looks like it was put out back in 2015.

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