enclosing_check fails at slant edges

I used enclosing_check function to see whether the offset between red and magenta polygons is about 2.5 or not. But it fails at the pink shade area because it is too narrow. How can I apply different (i.e. slightly smaller) offset condition on slant edges?


  • @yangwoo It actually is too narrow there! Why would you like the check to cheat here?

    If for example printability is an issue, it will (except under anisotropic exposure conditions) not make a difference between slanted or non-slanted configurations.

    So the check isn't failing, it's actually telling you that something is wrong here.

    Can you give a more precise definition of what you expect?

  • Ooops. Yor are right.

    I checked with our design team and found that the file was poorly drawn (with wrong offset values). Thus, enclosing_check function has no problem at all.

    Sorry for wasting your precious time :'(

  • No worries :) Thanks for the feedback.


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