mebes file format

Hi Matthias

I am trying to understand the file format details of this MEBES file. Can you point me to a way to get the detailed description of this format, or how to purhcase such format from AMAT?



  • I don't know what you'd do with MEBES data. Or need to.
    But what I recall, from back when I had an in-house mask
    fab operation, was that the mask shop would "fracture"
    the GDS-II database I brought them and feed it to the
    E-beam rig that made the plates. Then off to the "Klaris"
    machine for defect inspection / comparison.

    So probably has little use outside that environment -
    although direct write additive manufacturing that could
    take a MEBES mask file could be handy if you were
    trying to make "dead copies" of existing masks, seems to
    me that "fracturing" from GDS-II to the native format of
    the AM equipment might be more generally useful.

    But it all depends on where you're starting from and
    where you're going, I guess.

  • Thanks for the answer. My boss wants to include support of MEBES in our in-house software and the first thing we need is to understand what MEBES format is. My understanding is that AMAT owns the format.

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    @enuinc Please tell your boss the MEBES format is not public. The details are confidential and are protected IP owned by AMAT. Hence there is no open source code for the MEBES format in KLayout. I also will not disclose details for the same reason.

    Honestly, MEBES isn't a particularly smart or difficult format, but without the details it will not be easy to implement a reader.

    You can try approaching them and ask whether they want to give you the details. Maybe the company you're working for is important enough.


  • You might be able to make a deal with the owner of the format if you constrain the access properly or give them a piece of sales, and don't look like a threat to existing business. Might even be better than trying to duplicate functionality without coaching.
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    Here's some information about the granddaddy of the mask data formats.
    Appendix E: EBES Format

    But by now everybody should have gotten on the oasis.mask bandwagon.
    Is it time to switch to OASIS.MASK?

  • We only use the MEBES format for post-fracture data to check the masks before they are written (our foundries send us MEBES data for inspection, but I usually convert it to OASIS anyway). I would stay away of it as it is really just for the mask writer and I suspect these days mask shops accept OASIS data so why bother with MEBES? For layout the major foundries accept GDSII and OASIS, and OASIS is much more efficient, so I would just use that one. If you really need to convert to MEBES you essentially need a mask shop operation with either the Synopsys (CATS) or the Siemens/Mentor (CalibreMDPV) proprietary tools. Unless you have your own fab it doesn't make sense to deal with it, IMHO.

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