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Marker Browser

PCB Import

Net Tracing

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First example

A logic design shown in transparent colors for better layer visibility:

Building a layer hierarchy allows to group layers into functional groups. Renaming of layers simplifies interpretation of the content:

Layer groups allow to change functionally connected layers as single entities:

The "descend" function dives into the hierarchy showing a cell in it's context:

Layer views can be assigned additional transformations, i.e. an arbitrary rotation. Using a group allows to apply a single transformation to a set of layers which effectively transforms the whole layout:

Multiple transformations can be specified on a layer view (or a group node) as well. Here, four transformations are specified which renders a regular arrangement:

Various kind of rulers are provided:

Boolean layer operations are provided, i.e. an AND operation to select the gate areas (ACTIVE AND POLY):

An instance browser allows to browse through all instances of a cell:

A shape browser allows to browse through all shapes of a layer:

The clip utility clips out a rectangular region of a layout in a hierarchical fashion:

Second example

The test layout shows a various shape variants:

This is the first level of hierarchy of the test layout:


This example shows how images can be used as background for the layout and how image display can be controlled. In this case, a false color display is used to map grey values to colors.

Marker Browser

This example shows the marker browser in action.

PCB Import

This example shows how PCB data imported into KLayout.

This example shows how PCB data imported into KLayout and the navigator which displays an overview.

Net Tracing

This example shows the net tracing feature in action.