KLayout - Your Mask Layout Friend


Fast and accurate viewing of huge layout files


Draw, modify and transform hierarchical layout


Script layout generators, PCells and layout transformation tools


Search, verify, measure layout and code analysis scripts


Recent Events

2023-05-27 Again, kazzz provided MacOS binaries for 0.28.8. Many thanks! (Downloads)
2023-05-25 The forum is online again (Forum)
2023-05-24 The forum is currently not available - work is in progress (Forum)
2023-05-24 0.28.8 has a few nice enhancements such as label selection by text bounding box (Release notes)
2023-04-28 MacOS binaries for 0.28.7 arrived. Many thanks to kazzz as usual! (Downloads)
2023-04-23 A new minor release is available with some enhancements and bug fixes (Release notes)
2023-03-20 Many thanks to kazzz for providing the DMGs again (Downloads)
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