Making an array of cells using python

Hi everyone,

I am using Python to create a complicated layout.
In it, I created a cell which contains a whole Die. This cell is inserted into the top cell which contains the entire wafer.

I can manually select the cell, go edit->selection->make array and duplicate it to cover the wafer. Can this be done in the Python script?

For simplifying, let's assume there's a cell named "Cell_Die" which has a single 2000x3000um box in it. I want it to be duplicated with dx=3000 and dy=4000 over the entire wafer (a cell named "Cell_Wafer"), and also be able to move it slightly (for example in the above scenario, I want the wafer end to be at x=1500 of the die that touches it).

Thanks for the help!


  • Hi Shoval,

    I think I don't understand precisely what's the issue. If you're able to place one cell in Python, just use this code in a loop and place the cell multiple times.

    Or am I missing something?


  • Hi Matthias,

    I managed to solve the problem by using the CellInstArray to insert it multiple times using a transformation with dx, dy. Previously I inserted the die into the wafer without it, and it would place the (0,0) of the die on the (0,0) of the wafer.


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