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Is there any way to expose Qt Charts to Python interfaces?

I'm now developing a plugin upon KLayout.

In this plugin, I will use classes, such as QChart, of Qt Charts module. Currently there is no corresponding interfaces of KLayout.
It seems the classes with prefix gsi* are automatically generated by some tools.
So Is there any way to also expose classes of Qt Charts to Python?


  • Hi William,

    there is, yes. The script which generates these declarations is in scripts/ But that's not straightforward. It's not generalized yet, so it works on two baseline Qt versions, namely 4.6.3 and 5.5.1 which have to be installed under /opt/qt/4.6.3 and /opt/qt/5.5.1 respectively. It relies heavily on customization through configuration files (scripts/mkqtdecl4/mkqtdecl.conf and scripts/mkqtdecl5/mkqtdecl.conf). So adding a new module is possible, but comes with a lot of customization work.

    But let me tell you, that the Qt integration was intended as a lightweight feature to extend the UI to a certain degree. Complex user interfaces have not been the scope of this activity. It came as a spin-off from the script language integration. As it competes with pyqt and I sense little public interest in the feature as a whole, I am not supporting that with high priority. Experience also tells me that doing so will create additional support demand, which I am not able to deliver in the framework of a non-profit project.


  • Hi, Matthias

    I get it. Thanks for your comment.


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