Rulers/Measure have stopped working...

I have no idea 'why' my rulers and measure have stopped working... Several other people in my group have noticed the same thing. Any ideas on how to fix?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!!

I searched for an answer to this before posting, but it doesn't look as if this is a wide-spread issue. I couldn't find any posts about this.



  • Hi,

    I guess that is related to a broken configuration. Could you try removing or renaming ~/.klayout/klayoutrc (Linux) or %HOME%\KLayout\klayoutrc (Windows)? This should make KLayout start with a clean configuration.

    In case you have configured KLayout to use a different file (through option -c or the KLAYOUT_HOME) environment variable), check this place.



  • Hi, Matthias,

    Thanks for the rapid response!

    I tried removing the %HOME%\KLayout\klayoutrc file and restarting KLayout - without success. The program started with a "clean" configuration, but I still could not measure or place a ruler.

    I have also uninstalled KLayout 0.25.7 and installed older versions (computer reboots in between) to try to get it working again - without success. One of the people in my group was using rulers one day and the next day it would not work. No change to the program at all. Very odd. I have no idea what to do now.



  • Hi Kevin,

    Maybe there is a macro installed which somehow prevents using rulers.

    Macros are kept inside %HOME%\KLayout too in the macros, ruby etc folders. So you could rename the entire "KLayout" folder to something else. Then KLayout should start with a clean config and no macros.



  • I am having exactly the same issue just now. Installing the latest KLayout version did not work either. Any suggestion?

    Thank you!

  • I still have working rulers on Windows (0.26 DVB) and Ubuntu (0.25.8 )

    Might be that some software (dependency) got updated, and broke it at your site(s)?

  • Hi, my ruler has stopped working as well suddenly. So has my friend's ruler. Is there any software update/compatibility issue ? How can we tro

  • How can we troubleshoot this ?

  • I have not observed missing rulers and I there are many W10 and Linux installations I am watching ... on Mac there was (once) an issue with high-res displays which caused a similar problem. But this should be fixed.

    On W10 high-resolution display are becoming popular too. But I have access to at least two laptops with high-res display and none of them is showing this problem. If you're on W10, you can try tweaking the compatibility modes and check whether the problem disappears.


  • I haven't seen a description of what "stop working" means. Maybe it's something dumb like the ruler color got set to the background color? Are there log files that could hold error info?

    My (not failing) machines are W7, 1920x1200 and Ubuntu, dual 4K monitors (downgraded to HD due to graphics card limitations) plus laptop native 4K all at once.

    Might be worth going back through update history and look for coincident updates to the time where misbehavior was first noticed, try rolling back likely-looking ones?

  • hey guys, another clue to solve this problem. In my PC whenever i lost the ruler function (i.e press "ruler" and try to click and nothing happens) all the editing functions were messed up too i.e nothing happens if i try to draw a box, etc

  • OK all i have figured out the problem (drumroll please) .. its a rather silly thing. I should have tried this before but all i need to do is "Run as Administrator" and the ruler, editing has started working. Thanks to all !! Hope this works for everyone.

  • So evidently a permissions problem, but one that somehow comes on after installation?

    Wonder if you went through the files / directories looking for unusual permissions settings, if something more specific would reveal itself.

  • Some time ago my install (on W10) was working fine while colleagues experienced the issue above. They also resorted to the 'run as admin' workaround.

    At some point also my install got the ruler issue (no change to kLayout on my part, I run the ZIP version, so without the installer). I then noticed that the issue was triggered when I double-click a GDS file to start kLayout; when I first open the program without a GDS file then open the same file from File > Open, the issue is not present and I can use the rulers just fine. (Btw, it didn't matter if it was a local file or from a network drive).

    Might it be that all the issues occur within a corporate environment? Possibly some security measure (anti-virus / intrusion detection / monitoring) that causing the issue? I seem to recall that the issue started to occur here after some security program was rolled out to all workstations...

  • Hi Grt,

    I'm fairly sure the problem is with certain screen configurations. There was a similar issue with Retina displays on MacOS, but the problem is deeply buried inside Qt's rendering engine and maybe even inside the graphics driver.

    I experienced some display issues with W10 on hi-res displays, but mine got fixed after telling W10 to let the application decide about the screen scaling. From the forum entries I conclude that the problem occurs with something like dual 4k monitor configurations. I don't have access to such a setup, so it's hard for me to debug. If you can reproduce it, maybe you can play with the application options W10 offers with respect to display scaling.


  • I am presently running dual 4Ks (one internal on the laptop, one external via HDMI) and have yet to encounter the problem in all of the monitor permutations I've gone through on this Dell M4800 laptop (including 2 external 4Ks although they would downrange to HD, due to graphics card / driver limitations).

  • You mean that happens on all these configurations? That would be actually bad ..


  • No, I'm saying that in all my video messing-around I have never managed to trigger the problem.

    I would expect a video related problem to maybe malform the rulers, but to have the ruler "not even try" (with no error either) would seem to be something else.

    The other week it seemed like the finger was pointing at some sort of permissions deal. Has that theory been discounted?

    Might I suggest putting out a "debug version" of the code that barfs out the goings-on to a side report file, when ruler is invoked? Entry, waypoints, exit, maybe something shows? Let the guinea pig army have at it?

  • Thanks for the clarification .. I missed the meaning of "yet to encounter" :)

    For MacOS there actually is a special handling for high resolution displays. I did not see so far this is required for Windows. But I can make this configurable through an environment variable or similar. Maybe switching to the same mode helps one the problem

    Kind regards,


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