Turn Off Zoom Fit

I Zoom In to a specific section in a cell (Cell-1) and then look at another cell (Cell-2). When I get back to Cell-1, the view is resets to Zoom Fit. Is there a way to turn this feature off and keep each cell's view where I leave that?


  • Hi,

    the option is found in "FIle/Setup", "Navigation/New Cell" page: turn off "Fit Windows to cell when cell is changed".


  • Hi Matthias. That partially solved the problem. Now Zoom level is not reset but it brings all the cells to the same zoom level. If I am working on two cells with on Zoomed In and other Zoomed Out, I still have to keep adjusting their view while switching between them.

  • So you say you're expecting that every cell has it's own zoom level? That's not the case - there is a just a global one.

    But you can actually open a single layout twice with different cells in two tabs:

    1.) Open a layout
    2.) Open an empty tab with "File/New Panel"
    3.) Duplicate the layout into the second tab with "File/Pull in other layout"
    4.) Select one cell in the first tab and the other cell in the second tab

    You can edit a cell in one tab and another cell in the other tab. Both zoom levels are independent.


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