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DVB (deep verification) blog mentions schematics, is there a schematic capture application?

I noticed remarks in the blog about needing some work on hierarchical schematic extract but I have not noticed a schematics application associated with klayout.

Is there one, or one under development?

Xcircuit and Xschem look pretty good to me, but if there's a bundled capture / simulation interface that might play nicer eventually with the verification, I'd like to check it out.


  • Hi Jim,

    I'm reading schematics from SPICE files right now.

    To be frank, I don't think it's realistic to turn KLayout into a design system quickly, so my current focus is on the engine and debugging support.

    Kind regards,


    BTW: documentation grows. There are regular updates here:

  • That's fine; as I've mentioned, there's a surplus of schematics tools and all we need is one good one that writes SPICE netlists in an adequately configurable way. Just wanted to be sure there wasn't a native one I was overlooking.

    That said, there could be some goodness in "teaming". Suites like gEDA and KiCAD both have decent point-tools and simulator interfaces but lack an IC layout / verification backend. Standalone tools can also work just fine if all of the bases are covered somehow. A design system could be aggregated and completeness will drive adoption.

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