Display all layers used in a specific cell?

Following on to my question re changing layers - I looked for a means to list the layers used in a given cell and could not find anything likely-looking. I'm after a way to check that cells (bottom to top) have been cleaned of "datatype 0" features. I do not want a lengthy list of polygons (although I could probably deal, if I was able to export and grep / vi) so much as a compact used-layers report @ present level, or a report with per-cell used-layers.

Obviously the layout "open" knows the totality of used layers because it builds the layer list before allowing layer properties to be loaded. But I'm after a finer-grained listing that suits the task at hand (moving invalid to valid layer/datatype, polygon by polygon, down in the lower levels of hierarchy, and wanting some "present-context assessment of done-ness").


  • I understand you want to know whether a layer is empty, right?

    First of all, layers and cells are orthogonal, so every cell has every layer. But a cell can be "empty" which also includes the subcells. You'll see that a layer turns gray in the layer list if the cell and all of the subcells don't have anything on this layer.

    So you could switch to a cell, clean up until the layer turns gray, then move to the parent cell and so forth.

    Maybe this helps.


  • Knowing whether a layer is empty, is certainly one thing of interest.

    However it would also be handy to be able to "see what it's made of", especially if one layer "hides under another" then visual inspection could become tedious.

    In Silvaco Expert, the design browser will let you expand all the way to polygons-for-layer, with quantity of each, if you want.

    But I'm simply looking for a way to chase all non-proper-layer/datatype "oopses" out of my layout, and know that I'm done. A problem I'm having is that one of these not-right layers keeps on adding 80/0 to the layertable, but I cannot see it visually to find and fix it.

    Maybe this is something that a runt DRC script would be good for, make it cough up coords (?) or throw markers.

  • Maybe here is a solution:

    • Open "Edit/Search and Replace"
    • Select the "Custom" page
    • Enter "shapes from instances of ..* where shape.layer==<80/0>"
    • Hit "Execute"

    The you should get a list in the right panel where you see all shapes on this layer. You can select and entry to navigate to it's location.



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