Ruler icon (on banner) works, but associated pulldown is empty?

Wonder if this pertains to the "ruler doesn't work" thread, but I get a ruler by clicking the banner icon - just, there's nothing under the (looks like) ruler options pulldown, it does nothing.

The pulldown next to "Add" also gives nothing (seems like it should offer choices of shape types?). I can't tell whether these pulldowns ever had content under them, whether other people have content and my setup has a problem, or whether the pulldowns are just "window dressing".


  • Hi Jim,

    that's strange. I don't think this is related. The drop-down menu should show the predefined ruler types (The "templates" you set up with "Edit/Rulers and annotations setup"). While this is configurable and basically it is possible is misconfigure it, the "Add" button actually shows the "background combination modes". There are modes like "Erase". If this mode is selected, everything you draw is not added but erased from existing shapes on the layer. So you can draw "holes".

    This is how it appears for me (Ubuntu 18.04LTS with Gnome classic):

    I have no idea why this shouldn't work. You appear to be on Linux. What's the system you're on and did you install from DEB or RPM?


  • Hi, Matthias,

    This is from an Ubuntu 18.x machine running 0.25.8 version, believe from a .deb I pulled from the downloads page.

    On the Win7machine next to it, 0.26 version, these pulldowns are populated as you show. This installation is from the DVB snapshots linked in a forum post.

  • Thanks ... I'll try that myself. I'll set up Ubuntu 18 from a fresh docker image and take a look.

    Kind regards,


  • I just noticed that on the DVB branch there is only a DEB package for Ubuntu 16. Maybe that makes a difference. There is also a master build which is basically in sync with dvb and has a Ubuntu 18 DEB package:

    Could you try this?



  • I got the .deb to install clean, now says 0.26 version, but my ruler icon still has a "pulldown" that does nothing (likewise the shapes pulldown next to it). Ruler still works.

    Seems like there's something hidden / broken that's inhibiting the pulldown in my installation, and have to wonder whether the same potential exists for the ruler itself (the problem others are having).

    What should I look at / for, regarding the pulldown submenu's definition, function? Is there any logging that should be enabled and/or inspected for internal complaints that don't rise to the level of "throwing a popup"?

  • Hmm, difficult.

    A weak hope is that it's related to Qt's style. you can try "klayout -style=gtk+ ..." or "klayout -style=windows ...".

    There are more options built into Qt which control the way Qt renders widgets. I assume the popup isn't showing because of some issue with the window manager and/or graphics engine.

    With google, I have found one bug report that connected missing menus with multiple monitors. Maybe that is the case here? (I'm just using a single one).


  • I think there's a relation to the multiple monitors, I pulled my laptop from the docking station (where it drives two 4Ks albeit at reduced (HD) resolution) and on the laptop screen alone, the pulldowns work as expected.

    Now seated in the docking station again, I see that the pulldowns work if the klayout window is dragged to the 4K laptop screen but continues to not-work on "Screen 2" (HD) and -does work- on Screen 3 (also HD). Just so happens I use screen 2 as the main screen for Ubuntu, otherwise I would not have noticed.

    Here's some more kookiness - if I slide the klayout window from a HD screen where it works, to the other HD screen, pulldowns quit working. But if I slide it up to the 4K screen it seems to "refresh" and if I then slide it to either HD screen, it still works but then sliding it to the other HD then makes it fail again. After this it fails on either HD screen if I slide it back & forth between them without touching the 4K screen again.

    As another side note, rulers continue to work unaffected by screen-count or -resolution.

  • More specifically may relate to multiple 4K resolution monitors?

    Since Ubuntu*Nvidia won't support the 30Hz refresh rate Dell says is required for dual 4Ks, I swapped out those for a pair of 1920x1200 HP monitors. Now the pulldowns appear all the time regardless of where I move the klayout window. So, great, problem solved (for me).

    But I'll be back at this with those same two monitors once I've found a proper graphics card to run them.

  • Thanks for this feedback.

    Frankly, I don't know what to do here as this seems to be happening inside Graphics Driver/Windowing system/Qt. Maybe the pulldown menus get assigned to the wrong monitor or something like this. There aren't many options that allow me to tweak the application :-(


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