Documentation (User Manual) and Search

I'm having trouble finding what I want in the documentation (Assistant). My issue is that the Search window, for a keyword, turns up a whole lot of stuff about API this and that, and little or nothing from the User Manual itself.

I don't know what to do with the API and don't find it (API entries) usually helps me at all in trying to figure out where commands are found in the menus or how they work.

Wondering whether the Search function could be "corralled" to look in specific of the 4 sub-sections that appear at the opening page (i.e. if I don't want to know from API calls, could I inhibit being presented all that "chaff" in my search results?

Is there a manual other than the Assistant (xml)? Seems like I come up empty a lot, looking for specific action / function info.


  • For example I am trying to find the "cut" or "chop" command (to cut a polygon into two pieces). "Cut" turns up mostly "acute" API references, "chop" finds nothing. I thought maybe "separate" could be a synonym but that also turns up nothing that looks like it's about a menu command, and I can't find anything on how to use that one to say whether it is or isn't

    Obviously this command exists, but Assistant has nothing for the menu command.

  • Hi,

    The search feature isn't google. It's based on keywords. And "separate" is the name of the menu item, but not the name of the API function.

    Please don't expect too much consistency. Most of these texts get created way after midnight ...


  • I'm wondering whether the user manual could be separated from the "smart guy" documents, maybe even printed to a PDF so that plain text searching might work better, or at least not be looking at things that don't apply to the average (or below average) user?

    I've pulled other tool manuals painstakingly into OpenOffice Write because I don't like HTML's navigation (flat file, you can scroll or jump-to-index, if there's an index) and search limitations (only knows what's been keyworded or on the present page). Maybe I ought to give that a try here?

  • Well ... documentation is a painful issue and my day has only 24 hours.

    If I was a writer, I'd write a book about it and sell it. So if someone is looking for a business opportunity: here it is.


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