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"Installed" new version (0.26.1) but still Help>About says 0.25.8 - and what about the local data?

Everything seems to proceed normally with the .deb install, no errors thrown, but the version seems to not "take" (Ubuntu 18, letting double-click on the .deb file auto-do-its-thing).

I didn't see any instructions to uninstall previous version (and I don't want to lose configuration developed thus far, which I gather some of is held in the installation location subfolders). I seem to still be getting the previously installed version. This happened trying to install 0.26.0 and now 0.26.1 but on my Win7 machine the 0.26 installation went perfectly with zero effort / confusion on my part.

Noted some remarks about new (-er than blahblah) versions going into "bin_release" folders, is maybe just a symlink revision needed? Where, to what?

Any hints regarding how to copy, migrate, archive and restore the "stuff that's co-stored" (settings, technology & layer files, ???) across version updates? Especially interested in the archive / restore question, my goal for product development is to archive a complete "design ark" (tool code, PDK, design, documentation) at tapeout / review closure. Is there, or could there be, a higher level "save everything involved" function or script?


  • Hi,

    you should not need to migrate stored things. They are more or less independent. "less", because a new version may not be compatible entirely. So some scripts may not work the way they did before (although I am trying hard to keep things backward compatible).

    You setup is kept in "~/.klayout/..." (Linux) or "c:\users\you\KLayout" (Windows). These folders are not touched. DEB packages or Windows binaries go into "/use/..." spaces on Linux and "c:\users\you\AppData\LocalRoaming\KLayout" on Windows. No setup data goes there.

    If you have precious data, my suggestion is to keep them in a separate folder, e.g. "~/klayout-precious" an set the "KLAYOUT_PATH" environment variable to this folder. Then this folder will be integrated as read-only and not be touched. But this also means, you cannot develop there.

    You can also use the "KLAYOUT_HOME" environment variable to point KLayout to a different setup folder instead of "~/.klayout".

    Finally, you can use git or svn to backup your setup directory. This way you can also quickly deploy configurations somewhere else.

    DEB packages usually replace previous versions. Installing different versions in parallel isn't supported out of the box as far I can tell. But I think you can install a DEB package somewhere else by using "dpkg --root /home/you/klayout-experimental ...".

    0.26 is not finally released (still master branch, i.e. development head), so the package metadata is not updated yet. I still need to collect release notes and so on. But that's going to happen soon.



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