Is there a "cut" function?

My "documentation" post was provoked by not being able to find any "cut" / "chop" menu command (i.e. if I want to cut a polygon into two or more pieces).

Does anyone know where to find, or whether there is one? It's kind of a usual thing.

Do I need to just "make a cookie cutter" and use the "Subtract" menu function?


  • Hi,

    Change the "Add" button to "Erase".



  • Thanks.

    Looks like this is what I want, but operation is a bit tricky. From "Assistant":

    Erase: in this mode, the drawn shape will be subtracted from the existing shapes. This mode can be used to create notches or slits in shapes touching or overlapping the drawn shape. The drawn shape will vanish. This mode is equivalent to a boolean "NOT" operation. ``

    But not mentioned is that the sequence of events is:

    1) flip the "background combination mode" (as you said) to "Erase"

    2) (key!) select layer the same as the object-to-be-cut. Object election does not matter.

    3) draw the "cutter" shape on the same layer, it will "disappear" from the existing shape

    4) remember to set the "background combination mode" back to "Add" or you'll make a mess of something most likely.

  • There is also "Edit/Selection/Separate - First Into Inside/Outside Others".

    So you draw some region over one half and then select the object you want to split, then the separation region (with Shift) and use the mentioned function.


  • hi dick_freebird

    I'm finding a solution for this also. With what we have now, it take some actions to make o notch or slit. I trying to develop it, it will help a bit faster when we draw. I think you can use script to do this.


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