Copy / Duplicate

I find that the duplicate command does not seem to have the "from, to" behavior I find in other layout tools. It duplicates the object on top of itself with no in-command opportunity to relocate.

Copy-Paste also seems to not offer the opportunity to choose where?

Yes, you can do a Move afterward, it's "just" extra activity every time.

This is another command, like Move, which maybe wants modalities like infix and whether or not destination can be selected as part of the action.


  • Maybe I should mention that I'm not trying to create a Cadence clone …

    So yes, "duplicate" and "paste" works more like the equivalent function for example in Inkscape, PowerPoint etc. ..

    The idea is that the new objects become selected, so you cannot just move them, you can do other things as well - e.g. map to a different layer.


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