Layer properties File path

Hi Matthias,

I noticed two (non-critical) things when I upgraded to version 25.8 on Windows:

1) When I want to load a layer properties file after I've loaded a gds file, it opens the folder "Documents" to look for the lyp file, and not the same folder where the gds is stored (as it was before)...

2) I always get the tip "Markers are not visible because they have been turned off...", even if "Show Markers" is highlighted in the "View" menu...

Thank you for all the great work!!!




  • Two options are editing the klayoutrc file to point at technology "stuff", or to use the technology management to do it (and get your technology into the technology pulldown "chooser" on the banner). If you bounce back and forth between projects and technologies then the latter is probably best, the klayoutrc always goes to the same place every time.

  • Hi Thomas,

    maybe Windows is playing some tricks by trying to be smart … but actually layer properties are not looked for in the same folder as the layout file. At least, KLayout does not enforce such a behavior. But Windows has some magic built into it's file dialogs, so maybe reinstallation resets this.

    But I can confirm the second issue but need to investigate it. I have created a ticket for this: Thanks for reporting that.


  • Hi Matthias,

    Actually, I installed on another pc running on Windows 10, so indeed, it probably is a Windows (10) thing...



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