How can I get a plain text list of cells used in a layout (from arbitrary top-level)?

I'm trying to build a minimal cell library by "harvesting organs" from an existing layout done in another tool.

I need to tie these in an orderly way to schematic symbols and device model netlisting details (in another tool).

That all wants some order imposed, like an Excel 'sheet, and for that I need to get a list. The Cells window has exactly what I need, but I can't find a way to get it out of the GUI and into a text file.

Just a linear list of all the used cells, either to a text file or in a copy-to-paste capable text window?


  • "Harvesting organs" sounds scary :-)

    Here is one butcher approach:

    • Load your layout
    • Chose Edit/Search and Replace
    • Select the "Custom" tab
    • Enter for "Query": select cell_name from *
    • Press "Execute"
    • Export the result to CSV using the "Export" menu button in the upper right corner
    • If you have a huge number of cells, increase the maximum number of items shown using "Configure" in the lower left corner.


  • Thanks, Matthias, that does the trick.

    "Abby who?"

    • Froderich Frankenstein, "Young Frankenstein"
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