Oops, added a layer definition w/ bad info, deleted it, now can't add again?

I need to know how to really get rid of a layer definition. Using the right-click menu in the Layers window I can do the "Delete Layer Entry" but this only removes it from the Layers window display; if I try to define it again I get an error popup saying it already exists.

But now that it's gone from the Layers window, I also can't "get at it" from Edit>Layers functions because these all insist that the layer be pre-selected.

What is the proper way to truly, entirely remove a single layer definition in all of its aspects, so that I can define it (right) again without "tripping over the residue"? That is, within the GUI?

Maybe I have to edit the .lyp in a text editor and remove the segment?


  • Hi,

    To remove a layer entirely (from the database), select it in the layer list and use "Edit/Layer/Delete Layer" (you can also select multiple layers).

    You can always get a full list of layers in the layers window using "Add Other Layers" from the layer list's context menu. This will also restore layers you have removed from the layer views (not from the database) with "Delete Layer Entry".


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