Ruby/Python automation of "auto measure"

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Hi Matthias,

"Auto measure" is a handy feature of KLayout!
I wonder if this can be "doubly automated" by Ruby/Python.

Given: A layout design and a list of distinct points, each of which represents a single mouse click point in "auto measure."
Output: A set of annotations (rulers) inserted into the layout design.

Please refer to the attachment that contains a sample OASIS data, AutoMeasure-01-Points.oas and two image files.

In Fig-01.png, yellow rectangles (their center points) correspond to the mouse click points to draw "auto measures."

The result should be as shown in Fig-02.png.

In the sample data, there are such 1871 "sampling points."
To gain speed and to enable a precise click on each sampling point, automation is essential.

Those generated "cut vectors" are further used to control a machine to measure the width and the cross-sectional profile of the fabricated trace.

Is this functionality achievable with existing functions?
If not, I'll appreciate if you take this as a future enhancement request.

With best regards,


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