New Legit 0.26 Release

I've been playing with an earlier "dvb branch" 0.26-1 release
for a while now and I see that the new official release has the
exact same names for the binary and source files, as the ones
I already had stashed - which I am pretty sure predate some
of the enhancements I see listed in the Release Notes.

I've pulled the latest from the announcement page but seems
like there is some potential for confusion?


  • Well ... master and dvb branch like every other branch are "use at your own risk" :-)

    If I had to properly label all versions I'd had to give new version numbers ten times a day. And since versions play a role in some code parts - e.g. for auto-updating the help index - I don't want to change it more often than necessary. Same versions also imply same exe, rpm or deb names. Only PyPI forces me to use a different name on each trial release, that's why updates there are rare.

    This is the system: released versions pass all of my tests and are built from the same source revision. Released Windows binaries are signed. The releases are tagged in git with the release version (now: v0.26) and documented on GitHub (

    The precise revision can be found on the "Help/About" page. The version just released says "By Matthias Köfferlein, Munich 2019-09-10 r4ec4025e"). "4ec4025e" is the revision listed beside the release tag v0.26 on GitHub. You might also check the MD5 given on the downloads page.

    Everything else may or may not work and is "work in progress".


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