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Exporting DRC Results to Original .gds File

I've been running a simple DRC on a .gds file and right now the output is exported as a new .gds file:

lyr1 = input(3)
lyr1.merged().space(, 0)

Is there an easy way to send the results back into the original file (SingleDie.gds) as a new layer rather than generating a new .gds file?


  • You're running the script in batch mode, are you?

    I assume you don't want to overwrite the original file (this is bad style IMHO), but you want to add a layer to the original file rather than producing new layers only.

    There is a trick to do this: Without "target" layers are sent to the source layout in "output". You can then use "source.layout.write("...")" to write the enhanced layout to any file you want.

    Like this:

    lyr1 = input(3)
    lyr1.merged().space(, 0)

    BTW: you should not need "merged()" before "space" ("space" should imply this). Have you found a reason to use the first "merged"?


  • That worked perfectly! Thank yo so much for your prompt and helpful answer! I knew there had to be a simple solution.

    Well, I didn't write that code for the DRC myself and it appears to work just fine without merging before the DRC so looks like it's not needed.

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