KLayout question about loading layer properties

One question about the KLayout. When I load a layer properties file, the layers will be skipped in the design panel and layer lists if these layers are not defined in the layer properties file. How can I find these layers again?

Thanks in advance.



  • I haven't seen this behavior as you describe it. I have built a large layertable with many layers "unused" in a given layout. When I load the layout I get only the used layers without the assigned names. When I then "load over" the saver .lyp, I get all of my layers with names.

    You might look at the modalities of the layer display, like "Show All" instead of "Show Used" etc.

    Now if the problem is that the layout has layers your .lyp doesn't, that's a .lyp completeness problem for you to fix (the hard way, by manually adding the "missing" layers to your layer table and saving it in a more complete state).

  • Hi,

    To add missing layers after loading a lyp file, press the right mouse button in the layer window and select "Add Other Layer Entries". Once added, you can rename them and save to the same or another lyp file.



  • Thanks to all for these answers!

    I'd like to add there is a similar discussion here: https://www.klayout.de/forum/discussion/comment/5071#Comment_5071

    It explains a trick to prepare a .lyp file so it will always show the additional layers too.



  • Hi Tomas,
    It works. Thanks for your help. Thanks all.

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