Layers "Style" sub-pane is malformed

The Layer Toolbox displays for me with the "Style" subsection improperly formed, the "0px", "1px", "2px". "NoCross", "CRoss", "Simple" and "Marked" are stepping on each other (see pic). Also, the window will drag-resize in the X direction but not in the Y direction - I feel these may be related as the components' (mis)placement is in the Y direction and the window evidently can't grow to accommodate? This is 0.26 on Ubuntu 18 w/ dual 4Ks, the window is messed up on either monitor.

My Windows version does not have this problem, the Layer Toolbox window expands or contracts to fit the enabled sub-panes. It also does not offer Y sizing, but that's OK because it knows to do the right thing.


  • Hello,

    That's obviously another issue with 4k resolution.

    As the icons (which have a fixed dimension) get smaller as compared to the font size, the texts get clipped. In this case the "0px" etc. fields get the same size as the ones with icons. Hence the clipped texts.

    I have created a ticket for this:


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