DRC examples from the user community, or even more help($)

I'd like to ask for any good DRC runset examples I could
crib from, to build my own process specific "DRC deck".
I'm having a hard time with the regular expressions and
not knowing how things are to be formatted in detail
(like, how to specify the report file so it lands where I
can find it? And that's just for starters).

Then there's "how do I save-as, from the Macro Development
window to an external file?". I find Import, but not Export.

And a whole raft of cluelessness is waiting, behind that.

If somebody would like to be my Answer Man as a "PayPal
DRC consultant", and help me through this, one dumb
question at a time, contact me with your rates and availability.

extract / LVS is next.


  • Hi Jim,

    I have once started a fake "PDK" project to give some examples: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/si4all/tree/master

    It contains a simplistic design manual and a DRC so far. LVS did not exist at the time I made this up, but will be next. Please consider this project as a playground. The idea is that by putting together a virtual technology one can discuss things without the protected IP problem.

    Some hints regarding your questions:

    • For writing a report to a specific location - e.g. next to the layout file - use a computed location:
    directory_of_layout = File.dirname(RBA::CellView::active.filename)
    report(File.join(directory_of_layout, "drc_report.lyrdb")
    • There is no "save-as" because the DRC files are kept inside "~/.klayout/drc". But you can keep them anywhere else and add this path to the search path with "Add Location" from the context menu of the macro tree

    And "Answer Man" is my core competence, but unfortunately not my job title.


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