Trouble with windows locking up other windows

On Win7, working in Macro Development, if I open up the debug error window then all of the other klayout windows are "stuck". So for example I can't go from the "drc interpreters" debug pane that shows up, back to the "THAT_JI_DRC" source panel to look at whatever it's on about.

Similarly any Assistant help page that's open, can't be promoted or navigated within, until the popup closes. Can't even scroll the debug content (drc_interpreters) to get to where the offending line in the Script Error popup, is.

Wondering if this "blocking" behavior can be fixed?


  • Hi Jim,

    the location is listed in the first statement (here: line 4). Currently, you have to close the message box, switch to the original tab and navigate to line 4.

    Syntax errors are notoriously hard to capture as they don't come with a stack trace as usual exceptions. I can try to convert this error into something meaningful, but it's usually tedious to make this work across all different interpreter versions.


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