How to make a clean break / fresh start (but not -too- fresh)

I picked up another project that uses a (way) different foundry technology and thought I'd read in the layout and get the layers table prettied up. But I found that all of my previous project's layers were "sticky" if not over-written, still hanging around. There's a good bit of difference between "5um" JI analog, and 12nm FinFET....

Is there a good way to "shake the Etch-A-Sketch" and get rid of all previous technology data (not just the layout, but all of the technology related "stuff")? Maybe while keeping the non-technology-specific, user interface settings? A "soft reset" script perhaps?

Sticky is good when you only work on one thing at a time. I'd like to segregate the jobs' technology stuff somehow, or at least keep them from touching each other.


  • Hi Jim,

    I'd suggest to start defining other technologies (use Tools/Manager Technologies): You better leave the "(Default)" technology empty and define two new technologies - e.g. "5um" and "12nm". You can then configure these two technologies individually.

    When you load a new file, you can select the desired technology from the drop-down menu right of "Partial". To assign a technology to the layout, select the technology from the pull-down menu and click once again on this button. Or select the technology and then open the layout. KLayout will remember the technology in the "Recent" list and pick the particular one when you take the layout from there.

    Switching a technology will exchange every setting made inside the tech: that is layer properties file, connectivity, file settings etc.

    Kind regards,


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