Peculiar error on Edit>Selection>Merge Shapes

I have run into a strange behavior from the Merge Shapes
command (26.0 on Ubuntu).

Trying to merge a few MET layer features, and catching
an instance by mistake as well, when I do the Merge all
of the selected MET shapes disappear and a cryptic error
popup appears.

This behavior also happens in Windows 0.26.1 release,
only slight difference in the appearance of the error popup.

An "Undo" recovers the polygons, but it's still a bit creepy.
Seems to me that instances should simply be ignored from
the "input set" as they are not "Shapes"?

The selected set:

The command:

The result (yikes!)


  • Hi Jim,

    this looks worse than it actually is. You just selected shapes and cell instances and cell instances can't be merged. The message basically says "can't merge cell instances because they aren't polygons".

    Here is a ticket for this: I guess instances should simply be ignored.

    You can make sure you don't have instances selected by temporarily disabling them in "Edit/Select/Instances" (off).


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