Find a list of cells containing a specific layer or layer/datatype pair

I'm trying to chase out some stray data from my chip layout. When I started, I had one layertable and along the way I got the foundry to update the layers set to include all of the "derived layers" that usually never escape the Tanner environment, so that (ha, ha) I could implement their DRC deck 1:1 in klayout's language and then be able to directly share with them, "stuff". This needed the whole layers set (outside of the printed ones, which are not at issue here) to be renumbered.

So now my layout carries some stale polygons, texts, whatever that have no or have wrong mapping.

I've found many, and now I'm down to a few that I just can't find; too small to see on a chip scale display, no luck in panning / zooming with all-but turned off.

The only option that I can see, is to "Show As New Top" in the Cells window while keeping an eye on the Layers window to see if that cell holds the miscreant data layer. But this is tedious even with the 30 or so cells I have; what would someone working on a big design do?

Probably some smart guy could make, or has made, a script to "show all cells containing layer X datatype Y". Or maybe there's a function I just am not finding in the menus.

Any suggestions?


  • Hi dick_freebird,

    Have you ever output TEXT format GDS?
    This text file is very simple to understand.

    Since I don't have much knowledge of write and using
    Python and Ruby script,
    I sometimes create simple awk (:-p) script to modify
    or find layer or datatype, text label, etc.

    Why don't you try it?


  • I'd try "search" from Edit/Search and Replace:


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