relative file path in a .lys session file?

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Hi All,
I was wondering if I can change the "file-path" directive in the session file work as a relative path?
Tried manually editing the file .lys xml file, but removing the absolute part of the path did not help, neither did "./" or ".\" in front of the file name.

This would be very useful, when moving/sending files around, and telling people to view a mask by launching the .lys file.

Thanks for help,


  • Hi Antti,

    It's weird. I always do as you tried as shown below, and it's successful.
    Of course, the OASIS file "123.oas" resides in the same directory as the .lys session file.

    In my typical workflow, I
    1. create a session on Linux
    2. manually edit a .lys file (make the "file-path" relative)
    3. export the .lys and related design file like an OASIS
    4. restore the session* on Windows and/or Mac
    * by File==>Restore Session or Drag&Drop the .lys into the main canvas from a filer.

    Just for your information,

  • Hi, Antti!

    Relative paths works for me, but I always put layout files in same directory with session file, so entries are just file names. There were issues with DRC relative file paths, but Matthias fixed them in 0.26.1.

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