Design Check Rule - minimum distance between paths

Hello everybody,

I'm new with Klayout, I would like to know if there is any possibility to set a minimum distance between paths.
In the past I acquired some knowledge with Altium designer and with that, to create paths for the circuits, you can set a rule that makes you impossible to place a path too close to another one, so it is very simple to design two path parallel to eachother very fast and be sure that the distance is respected. How I can realize that?

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    This seems like it can be accomplished with space()

  • Hi Mattia,

    I think the request is to have a method which provides this feature during layout.

    There is no such feature yet. KLayout isn't precisely Altium Designer. If you really want the feature, you need to find someone who implements it. KLayout is open source, so everyone is invited to contribute.


  • Hi Matthias, you understood exactly what I meant. It is a pity that it is not possible to do that easily.
    Thanks for your reply

  • "Real Time DRC" is a feature that many of the big name tools
    mention. Also interesting is "guided path" which will route a
    path (or bundle) alongside indicated objects, at minimum

    I do find the real time DRC useful when placing objects or
    packing layout. But I wonder whether it might be simpler to
    make an "on demand" guide-generator script - like, you click
    on what you want to follow, and the script makes a "halo" for
    DRC defined (or form-entered) clearance on the selected
    (active) layer. Might be handy if the halo could be removed
    by the same Edit>Remove Rulers function. Might be handy
    if the "halo" had an option to mark the centerline (for path
    clicks) rather than the edge, or else to make the path edge

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