Anybody care to make me a widget?

I'm using klayout to do IC product design and the foundry
uses Tanner exclusively. I get DRC error reports from L-EDIT.
I have to find the error using the coordinates (in DBU) by
either reading the display while I pan / zoom, or by creating
an object of those coords and then finding it.

Of course an error browser that understands Tanner would
be swell, but probably low priority if any. Something more
within reach would be to add a menu button under Tools>DRC
in which an error snippet of this form:

// L-Edit_Violation_Distance 0
34828 61000 40714 61000
35104 63203 34828 61000

could be pasted, its coord-pairs made a polygon on some
error marker layer, and zoomed-to.

Any takers?


  • Hi Jim,

    I guess it's fairly easy to build a reader for the Tanner error report format which turns it into a marker DB for browsing.

    But I could not find a documentation of this format or any examples. Could you paste an example and/or a brief description?



  • Hi, Matthias,

    I can send you a full results file privately. I was reluctant to
    ask for anything as ambitious as a full report browser /
    reader (even getting able to mark and zoom-to a single
    coord-bundle would be a major improvement). But if the
    plan includes an error browser for the native DRC, then
    maybe it's only a format-conversion chore?

    Documentation, I have none - the foundry layout guy runs
    the deck and sends me the basket of ugly. Maybe I can find
    something online.

  • edited March 11

    Hi Jim,

    I think I can provide a script to turn the report into a marker database which you can browse using the marker browser. I did such a thing already with a different format and it's pretty convenient.

    You can send a sample to "contact 'at' klayout . de". I'll take a look at it them. Looks like we're going to be locked in because of Corona soon - lots of time to play with code ...

    Best regards,


  • I tried out simply removing the "// L-Edit..." lines from the report file as you noted, and the Marker Browser works like a champ.

    I withdraw the request!

  • Very good :)

    I'll keep a small part of the request: to skip lines starting with "//" in the RVE reader - at it looks this will make it compatible with L-Edit reports too:

    Best regards,


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