PASTE followed by MOVE


After a PASTE [Ctrl-V], now the copied selection is now in MOVE mode.
Is there a way to come back to the previous way ? : not being in MOVE mode, but still selected.



  • There's also a mode in the C(opy) command which puts
    you in "move" but I never can tell whether I'm in it or not.
    This came about after requesting an "infix" bindkey mode
    for copy and move. I would like to know if there's some
    overlooked "mode indicator" that says whether I'm fixing
    to drag something or not, before I move the cursor or
    click. I've sort of gotten in the habit of Esc'ing after "C",
    and then "M" explicitly, as I can't get the hang of whether
    the "M" mode is active or not.

    I'd still like a pervasive "infix Y/n" setting that causes a
    consistent behavior, or to redefine specific commands to
    an infix behavior locally.

  • I wish I could figure out what I messed up here ... I'm not aware of having spoiled the key bindings. Whenever I try it looks kind of consistent.

    But maybe I should explain what happens here. Hopefully then it becomes kind of clearer.

    If you look at the key bindings, this is the virgin setup with a fresh configuration:

    The entries from "edit_menu.undo", Cell List Context Menu and Layer Panel Context Menu should not matter here.

    What's important is that there are two "paste" functions: the standard one at the top (Edit/Paste) and a hidden one "paste_interactive" which is the one that enters "move" mode after trigger.

    Ideally you bind both to different key strokes, so Ctrl+V stays the normal version and the "paste_interactive" is a different one, like this:

    In this case, you'd enter "Paste+Move" with Ctrl+Shift+V, and Ctrl+V is the normal case.

    If you want "Ctrl+V" to be mapped to "Paste+Move" you could swap both modes:

    This should make "Ctrl+V" become "Paste+Move". I think something like this happened to Laurent.

    If you want "normal paste" to become entirely unbound to a key, clear the edit box with the key binding entirely:

    To restore the default again, click on the "clear" icon in the text box.

    There are also "interactive" variants for "move" and "duplicate" for which the same applies.


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    Hi Matthias,
    I use the latest 0.26.4 version of last week-end, and both edit_menu.paste and paste_interactive react the way : paste + move
    No way for me to have only : paste
    But the worst, if I hit M then a target, KLayout crashes :'( , but it id due to my computer : it does not crash on a second computer.

  • That's bad ... I need to check this.


  • Hi Laurent,

    I see ... it's broken in the master branch (confusing I admit, I did not bump the version yet). 0.26.x should be fine. I'll try to fix this and publish the development branch as 0.27.

    However, I can't reproduce a crash on "M" ("move" I assume) yet :(


  • I have fixed the bug .. on the download page this is filed as version "0.27", but it's in fact the development head.

    Best regards,


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