Fundamental: Cell instance edit

Dear all,

I have a fairly fundamental question: When I select or double-click a cell instance, I do NOT want to access objects defined in the cell, I want to access the properties of the instance, such as placement, scale, orientation, array, etc.
Now what ever I do goes in as editing the cell definition, very frustrating.
Where in the Settings can I change this?
I probably lack the terminology for this...



  • Hi BN,

    By default you're in "Edit in place" mode which means you access all objects regardless of the level of hierarchy.

    To access the instances, you have two options:

    • Decrease the number of hierarchy levels shown - if you see the cell boxes, those are the objects which are selected. It's the instances then.
    • Leave "edit in place": in the "View" menu check the "Select top level objects" item. After this, only objects in your current cell (instances, shapes) are selected.


  • Exactly what I needed.
    Sorry to answer and say thank you so late.

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