Unable to open high value RVE file from high precision db DRC

Hi Matthias,

We enabled wide coordinates(64bit) to build klayout(0.26.5) and it's ok to
open a high precision(200000) db, however once we try to use
marker browser to open a RVE file which is DRC result of this db,
it failed and showed the following error message:

ERROR: Range overflow on integer (line=21)

The line 21 of this file is

841707000 2246332500

I guess the Y value "2246332500" is over the long positive integer limit(2147483647),
is there any way to fix it?

Really thanks for your kindly help~

Best Regards,



  • Hi chhung,

    yes, your observation is correct.

    For fixing it, the code needs to be patched. It always uses "int" for coordinates. I have created a ticket for this: https://github.com/KLayout/klayout/issues/554. There is a PR already with the patched (branch issue-554). If you want you can try this one.



  • Hi Matthias,

    This patch could be applied on v0.26.5 , v0.25.9 , v0.24.10 and tested OK :+1:

    Thank you so much :smiley:

    Best Regards,


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