moving instances usng the gui

I'm loading gds file and then a def+lef.
After this I would like to rotate/move the def view or any layer in it in order to align it with the gds.
I have tried to use the commands under "edit" but is seems that they are not doing anything.
Did I miss something ?


  • Up top on the banner is a "move" "button" that does
    regular move (click here, click there). There is also (I
    have been told) an infix-style move but I don't know how
    to find / use that.

    I think my "move" bindkey is messed up (duplicate
    definition) but might check whether you have a binding
    for the move command, that's easier to use.

    My preference is an infix bindey 'm' but so far I have not
    gotten that set up right.

  • Thank you dick_freebird. Trying to understand your answer, I finally realized I had just forgot the -e option when launching the tool.
    Now everything is working well

  • "forgot the -e option"

    I never knew it existed until now! (I am mostly using klayout as a viewer).

    It seems like other programs do something like have (read-only) in the GUI window titlebar string, and usually have a File menu option for open as editable. This would be intuitive and helpful.

  • edited November 2022

    There is an option in the main File>Setup pile, that says
    whether to open for view or edit by default.

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